Gold Gem Chain

Gold Gem Chain


22ct Gold Plated or 9ct Solid Gold 

Chains Available 20" 22" 24"

(Leave required size in notes when checking out)

Our Gem Stone collection comes from  the human desire to express oneself. Each stone comes with a different meaning and is said to express deeper notions of the human psyche based on which colour you choose. Some even claim to pass on the traits to its wearer - so choose wisely. ( Or you can just choose the same colour as whatever football team you support. Your choice.) 


Light blue gemstone represents the sky. Conjuring images of open spaces and freedom.  Also, it’s icey as hell, shines when you move and goes perfect with any diamond ring. The light blue colour also holds connotations with being wise, confident, stable and faithful; perfect for your mate who won’t cheat on his missus. 


Dark blue gemstone comes from representations of the sea and is said to empower its wearer. The stone commands authority and importance whilst also carrying a sense of respect and sophistication. If David Attenborough was a gemstone, this would be it. 


The red gem displays the wearer’s passion and traits of determination, commitment and energy. Red is also the colour for love, anger, heat and danger making it perfect for those who wear their heart on their sleeve (or around their neck).


The green stone shows peacefulness and a level head. A balance of mind, body and soul. As the colour of nature, green also shows growth and freshness. This is probably the one to get for your sensible mate. The one who always tells you not to do something, but you do it anyway. Most of the time he’s the one who’s right. 


The yellow gemstone’s meaning comes from ancient interpretations of the sun. With joy, cheeriness and heartwarming traits being evoked from its bearer. Yellow is not perceived as sustainable or committed. It’s more for the free spirit in your life, the one who won’t stop going to festivals despite the fact they’re 31. 


Pink gemstone combines the energy of red and the stability of light blue. Pink is for the romantic in your life and also expresses ideas of royalty, luxury and ambition. Pink is a rare colour in nature and should be worn by someone who is individualistic, one-of-a-kind. Also, look at cam’ron in that pink fur. That’s what you look like in this. Very cool. 


Each stone is available to be cased in either sterling silver, 22ct plated gold or 9ct solid gold and makes a perfect, thoughtful gift.