May 25, 2017 Callum Hughes

As the summer months are quickly approaching and with the fashion scene blooming, this is a great opportunity to cop yourself some of our new pieces that we will be releasing in very near future.
First up is our classic British bulldog rings, which encapsulate the quintessential aspect of our work, and we’re expecting these to sell out as we only have a limited amount remaining.
We’re also carrying on from the success and positive reviews received regarding our historical links with the Roman and Greek vibe to our jewellery with the Roman solider onyx ring, which as you can tell from the unique design is expected to prove extremely popular amongst our clientele so we would urge you to purchase this before it is too late!
Aside from this we also have gold Mexicano rings, a handful of the quality St George rings and a half sovereign for you to obtain just in time for the various festivals that are on the horizon – and there really is no better time to invest in any of the above to ensure that your fashion sense is on point and that you stand out from the rest! 

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