Return of the clown

December 07, 2017 Alex Wallace

Roll up, roll up! Goldtaste here, back with a classic and showing you not all clowns have to be scary! If you were anyone back in the days of OG grime, Motorola RAZR’s and back of the bus loitering, you’ll be no stranger to these banging articulated clown pendants. 

These are a staple piece of British jewellery, absolutely classic back-of-the-counter Argos clobber. The bigger the better was the motto for these guys and you’d wear them outside your clothes to let everyone know what you were about. 

We’ve updated this traditional pendant by following the modern trend for dainty jewellery and keeping these pieces smaller than their predecessors. This means it’s suitable for flexing above your clothes, but also tucking it away if you wanna have that subtle feeling. 

These are available in solid 9ct gold, silver or with our luxury gold plating; complete with coloured jewels to give that old school circus vibe. 

You don’t have to walk tightropes and jump through hoops to show your mates you can stunt, this cheeky little chap does all the work for you! 


Available from our web store now!

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