September 25, 2017 Callum Hughes

Going forwards we are switching things up here at Goldtaste as we’ve made the pragmatic decision to add a ‘pendant only option’ when you’re purchasing a chain from us. It made perfect sense when we considered just how successful the large range of pendants we supply to our ever-expanding market of customers has been, and helps narrow things down for you too!

Featured here and despite the contrast between the two pendants due to the modern-day vibe from the old school 90’s throwback mobile and then underneath the early modern, historical fleur-de-lis pendant – they both work really well with another and especially when accompanied with that finishing touch of the classic sovereign ring.

Also pictured is the three pence pendant, a unique piece from our designers that transfers that mid 20th century, quintessentially British feel into the present day as the timeless piece is still very eye catching when hanging from one of our trademark chains!

Finally, you have both the symbolic faces of the classic tragicomedy which really stand out from the crowd as being something different and quirky as an accessory, and on the other there is the blend of a Tudor rose-esque design pendant outlining with the legendary Saint Cristopher being the heart and centre of this beautiful piece of Goldtaste jewellery.

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