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August 31, 2017 Callum Hughes

We have always had strong ties and connections with the underground scene and streetwear type fashion when it has come down to who our market predominantly is intertwined with and who our target audience is, and when we saw none other than the Kurupt FM dons wearing our rings we knew that we had achieved what would set out to do.
To have our jewellery being exhibited by such well respected figures in the underground scene is a real honour and we cannot thank the boys enough for the support.

Most of you will be extremely familiar with Kurupt FM due to their popularity so therefore won’t need any form of introduction. However, for those of who you are unfortunate enough to not know then be aware that their pirate radio station - funnily and coincidentally enough also named Kurupt FM, is a true champion of genres including both drum and bass & garage, and is undoubtedly one of the most influential pirate radio stations to ever grace the ears of the avid listeners of the underground sounds. Other such successes for the lads include performances at festivals ranging from Reading to Boardmasters, and Parklife to our very own MADE Festival in our beloved Birmingham, as well as winning a bafta for their tv programme.

The boys were showcasing two of our most prominent pieces yet – the classic St George one which epitomizes the classic gritty, English vibe the boys generate, and also the Merc one too with iconic symbol blazed in gold being a perfect combination as a piece of jewellery with the classic streetwear the boys are always seen in.

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  • Havana

    May 10, 2018

    massive kurupt fm fan, would it be possible to make a replica of the ring?

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