How to grab a STEAL!

November 24, 2017 Alex Wallace

Some days here at GOLDTASTE we just want to give you a good deal, we’re like
David Dickinson with worse hair and nicer rings. That’s why we want to tell you
about our auction page! Some of you might’ve seen it on our Instagram, but for
those who haven’t it’s a sterling way of getting yourself some cheap sterling.
You basically use it like eBay: go onto the item you want, lock in the max price
you want to pay, grab a cup of tea and hope you don’t get outbid. We’ve been
doing these auctions on the last week of every month but are going to be doing
them more often soon so keep your eyes peeled.
All auctions start at a quid and only go up to
whatever you’re willing to pay. Last month we let
a £50 ring go for £25, and our Wavey-Yout chain
went for less than the price of a crate of a cans -
This is like Bargain Hunt for the mandem,
Antiques Roadshow for roadmen; with more of
these coming up you should keep your eagles
eyes on our social media accounts and get your
bidding hands at the ready.
*Auction dates are posted on our instagram & on our blog*

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