The Heavyweights

April 21, 2017 Callum Hughes

The heavy coin rings that we've used here bring a real feel of the historical Roman and Greek times with a modern street wear twist, as legendary figures including French Emperor Napoleon and the iconic Queen Victoria both feature as engravings on these stylish pieces. 💫 The archaic designs are both rich in history, as 19th century French emperor Napoleon is still widely respect as a don far & wide to this day, hence the reason we are still using him on our jewellery collection in the 21st century. 🔱🇫🇷 The same can be said for the United Kingdom's beloved Queen Victoria - known by all as the head of the expanding British Empire, and the leader of a period that witnessed great change. Her face being used on the jewellery also underpins the background of which she hailed - one of wealth and financial prosperity. 👑 So despite the rings previously suited to those in positions of authority and higher class - they can now be found on the fashion scene being sported by many a geezer. 💥

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