Goldtaste x Mapro

November 10, 2017 Alex Wallace

Here at GOLDTASTE we always want to give exposure to people who are on the same wavelength as us; we love those who do their own thing, push boundaries and create sick stuff! That’s why we’ve collaborated with French artist MAPRO to create some sick prints for you, using her classical painting skills to kit out these renaissance dons with our jewellery; making something that looks like a bootleg Downton Abbey. These three exclusive prints are available in stickers from our web store, so you can slap them on a laptop or lamppost near you.

We really loved MAPRO’s work and living in France she always had an affinity with classical painting. When realizing that she could use her computer to do digital drawings, her skills went to another level, mixing real paintings with her own 21st century additions. Henry VIII eating Maccy D’s, Shakespeare spitting a killer sonnet over the mic, Jesus and his disciples going for a night on the piss - you get the idea. This collaboration mixes her loves of fashion, photography and painting – taking classical pictures and giving them a modern day twist.

The first of the three ‘Mad Max’ is a ‘little funny dwarf’, a twist on a painting that was featured at the Carambolages exhibition in Paris last year. The painting was inspired by rappers and with his new iced out jewellery this ‘funny little dwarf’ will be throwing up gang signs in no time.

The second image ‘Trap Girl’ is about the culture of needing the latest trend. The nudity reinforces the fact that this woman would be happy wearing nothing except the latest trend. Saying that, with a 3310 in her hand this could be an aftermath painting of a Peckham house party – she’s probably even still got her AirMax on.

The final sticker is ‘Gucci Shotta’. Again with his trusty Nokia in hand, chains round his ruff and a Gucci sweatband – this blokes going to be on the cover of Hypebeast in no time. This piece is a representation of how ‘fashion’ can be whatever you want it to be. Mixing classical fashion like the sleeves and cape with urbanwear like the Nike shotta bag and chains shows that this dude is standing out by just being himself.

This last piece really hits home what the artist finds most important, being true to you: “I’m doing stuff, people can like it or not, but I’m humbled … Last sentence is one by Kendrick Lamar that everyone one earth should know … ‘be humble, bitch sit down.’ ”

T-shirts will be released on Monday 20th Nov 2017

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