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April 02, 2017 Callum Hughes

The box chain is a quality piece and an imperative part of our work that builds up the overall piece of each individual bit of jewellery we release, as we use this chain for all our pendants and is undoubtedly the most popular chain amongst the wide and varying market of our build up of customers.
At Goldtaste we sell the box chain in 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 2mm & up to the more eye catching size of 3mm – but no matter what the size it never 
ceases to draw the attention of others. 👀
(Click Here For Fleur De Lis Chain)
The fleur-de-lis style decorative symbol on the necklace that can be seen may have an early modern, archaic feel initially, but has been cleverly brought forward into present day 2017 and is definitely an attractive bit to catch the eye that can be worn with casual or smart attire.
German automobile manufacturing dons Mercedes was a no brainer to mould into a necklace, with the brand’s iconic logo and general reputation still remaining globally recognised as one of the best in the business to this day. 🇩🇪
With a grazing of gold all over, the revolver type chain conveys a vibe of the 19th century wild western American generation into a clever little piece still well liked in 2017. 🇺🇸
And it’s much the same in terms of a modern day twist with our box chain that would normally be seen in use as a necklace, but our designers have also skilfully adapted this into a bracelet. 🌟✨💫

The strong collective minds of our team of designers at Goldtaste is demonstrated so well here, with such diversity in their work and definitely a little something for everyone with the jewellery on offer. 👆🏽
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