This snake Onyx Ring Though!

April 07, 2017 Callum Hughes

At Goldtaste we are always aiming to bring a piece that is truly unique to the fashion circle, and what better way to succeed with this gem that we have sourced out – a contemporary solid gold Onyx ring categorized ideally to suit the taste for you stylish geezers out there! 👔💼🎩

The solid gold onyx ring is complimented with a beauty of a polished black stone in the centre of the masterpiece, and is then enthralled by a snake with piercing, glimmering ruby coloured eyes that coils and entwines itself from it’s tail the other side of the ring, all the way around to the black face. 🐍♦️⚫️♦️

This fine piece of jewellery is a one off from us here at Goldtaste at a reasonable £175, and we are considering making a cheaper plated version to ensure that this purchase doesn’t pinch your pockets too much! 👍🏽💷

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