Be My Valentine <3

February 14, 2018 Alex Wallace


Our Valentine’s Day collection is dropping on Sunday 11th of February at 7pm, 3 days before the big day! So instead of buying flowers that’ll die after a week or chocolates that’ll be gone by the end of the day, get something that’ll last forever from our new drop. Or you can just treat yourself and impress everyone with your sensitive side when you show them your cupid jewels.

Full of solid 9ct gold delights, this latest collection has some of our finest pieces to date.

Wear your heart, almost, on your sleeve with our new lovely heart signet ring. Combining proper geezer with golden passion and there you go, this is what you get.  Slap this on your fingers and people will know you’re a diamond on the streets and in the sheets.

Strike someone with Cupid’s magic arrow when you stunt this steezy baby cherub around your neck. In mythology Cupid was originally a handsome young man, irresistible to everyone; we’ve gone for a more modern portrayal here showing the little lad with his angel wings, taking aim with his arrow of love.  What’s more, this is available in solid gold, plated gold, and silver – perfect for men, women and Greek gods alike.

Our next piece is a heart, cross and anchor all attached on a pendant by a single bail. Each icon on this pendant embodies the virtues of love, hope and faith. This is our take on a classic piece of jewellery and perfect for letting that lovely lady (or fella) in your life know what they mean to you.

We have plenty of other delights for you in the collection: the Rose ring, delicate gold banding with a solid rose flower. The harp ring, a classic gold sovereign with the romantic Celtic Harp in the centre, as well as a similar design neatly crafted into a pendant to hang from a chain. 

Make sure to pick up one of these (or any of the other) shiny nuggets of gold on Sunday night and flex it like Mr Loverman Shabba himself.

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