July 11, 2017 Callum Hughes

We’re almost certain you’ve all spent the odd afternoon either getting secretly getting a little excited watching the likes of the legendary David Dickinson getting firmly stuck in with his auctions, or counting down the vital minutes remaining on a bid you’ve put in on a gem of an item on eBay?
Well now you’ll be able to do that yourself and make your jewellery shopping that bit more interesting as Goldtaste plans to spice up the way in which you can purchase items with an eBay style auction page.
The final ingredient to really generate the excitement for all you avid jewellery fans is that we plan to drop a numerous exclusive auction only collections. So not only does this give us chance to see just how much our jewellery is appreciated, but it will be an opportunity for you to get your hands (technically fingers, or necks) around some very limited and rare pieces being moulded by our very talented team here.



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