July 28, 2017 Callum Hughes

Are you becoming increasingly disinterested with your standard jewellery browsing and occasional purchasing online? Well why not make things a lot more interesting and get involved in our new auction page!
As always, we are aiming at introducing new ways of engaging with you – so we thought why not introduce an auction page and inject some excitement into your online shopping?
We appreciate how expensive jewellery can be, but you’ll be beyond shocked to realise that some of our most popular coin rings amongst our rapidly growing market of customers have been practically stolen by the lucky individuals who got involved in the antics early doors for prices as little as £9.

The intricacies of our auctioneering are as follows:
*The auctions have no reserves – so don’t worry about starting off at a ludicrous price mark!
*We will release the day times and what’s being auctioned every Monday night;
*The prices will either increase in varying stages of £1, £2 or £5 and this is dependent on how high the value of that particular item is;
*The dates for this week are as follows:
Wednesday 26th July
- 5pm rings
- 7pm chains
Friday 28th July
- 5pm chains
- 7pm rings
Saturday 29th July
- 3pm ???
Sunday 30th July
- 5pm rings
- 7pm chains
*If you happen to be intrigued what the questions are parallel to the date Saturday 29th July, then we can inform you finally that to add the final ingredient of excitement to the page is that the product will remain a mystery until the day..


We hope to see you getting firmly stuck in, and certainly hope you manage to acquire a bargain piece of our large variety of fine signature Goldtaste jewellery..

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